Christmas Toy and Food Drives

This year we had the idea to expand the work we do into some new areas. 2020 was a year of fundamental change for the whole world, and overall it was a very difficult year for humanity.

With a large percentage of the population facing debt, job loss and health problems we wanted to do something to be able to help the local communities that we work with.

We were able to identify over twenty five hundred children and families in need of some Christmas help and cheer. We were extremely fortunate to be able to connect with local community leaders as well as other local non profit organizations.

We owe a huge amount of thanks to all of our volunteers that came out to support us.


loiza food and toy drive puerto rico

Santa visited and we met with 70 new kids from the Loiza area. Loiza has a long cultural history in Puerto Rico as it was one of the first places that a port was introduced. This was an amazing day filled with sunshine and smiles.

Rio Grande

rio grande toy and food drive puerto rico karma project

We did a fun filled food and toy drive feeding kids and giving over 180 presents to families in need. Working with local community leaders we were able to connect directly with local residents and families.

Lloréns Torres

llorens torres toy drive

This was our largest toy run we were able to bring 1000 new smiles this Christmas. We setup a main distribution point and timed it with the annual raffle that community leaders organize every year.

Toys for Tots Collaboration

toys for tots

Working with the Marine Core Toys and Tots program we were able to identify and help donate 400 presents to kids in need. Seeing the Marines in their dress uniforms was quite an impressive sight indeed.

La Perla

la pearla toy and food drive

What a wonderful day this was, we met with over 150 kids from this area and Santa went on a bell ringing walk meeting with families with a jingle. Half way through our jaunt our bell broke, but luckily for us Santa had the presence of mind to pick up a rock and we continued on ringing our way through the historic streets.

Cubey Food and Toy Drive

cubey food and toy drive

We helped feed over 500 families in an area truly in need. We also distributed over 500 presents to Children living in this mountainous area.

This somewhat remote area unfortunately does not get the attention it deserves, and we are looking forward to building new projects here.

id shaliah toy and food drive puerto rico karma honey project

Rio Grande Food & Toy Drive

rio grande food drive goya

This was our second time working with community leaders, this time we brought 400 tacos from Ozzie's tacos (we purchase all of our food from local farmers and businesses in need) as well as cooked rice, beans and distributed hundreds of Goya boxes. This was a drive through event, and it was a smashing success!

This was just the first year of many, we hope to expand upon this program in the near future. Slowly we are building relationships with community leaders and other local non profit organizations. It was truly a magical Christmas!