Community and Bee Education Center

We are excited to announce we have students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) joining us at our latest project in Canovanas. We will be working hand in hand with Id Shaliahinc (a local non profit) on this project. This blog will continue to be updated as we progress with this project. We are on schedule to be operational in Q1 of 2022.
canovanas project school community center
We are taking an abandoned unused school and rebuilding it into a center for the community. Our center will feature a walk in clinic, laboratory, pharmacy, free soup kitchen, organic food shop, and 5 classrooms where we will teach everything from agriculture to finance, Crypto and more.
In addition we will have a refuge area, storage for emergency disaster supplies, honey spinning facility, wood workshop, indoor and outdoor theater area, greenhouses, organic agricultural area, farmers market, and community gardens.
karma honey community center in puerto rico
The students will be aiding us in setting up an off the grid system for water catchment, solar power, and food sustainability so that in the event of another disaster we will have a safe haven for the community.
bee library education center act 22 act 60 donation
We will be focused on building bee education classrooms where we will teach not only the importance of pollinators but classes on how to raise queen bees as well as how to build bee boxes. When students graduate from the class they will do so with a queen bee and box which they can take home with them.
building community center in puerto rico, karma honey project bees
We will then buy back the honey from the former students, creating a cottage industry while also leveraging the community to build an industry of honey and bee production.
bee building woodshop puerto rico
This center in addition to being educational in nature, will allow us a deeper connection with the community and work as a focal point for the food drives that we have been doing.
interior karma honey project community center rendering
This is our largest project to date and we are looking for donors, volunteers, and companies to help us with this exciting project. There are over 7000 families in this under-served community, please consider giving back by joining us on this adventure today!