Dorado Sunflower Fields and Bee Sanctuary Project

finca dorado bee project

Finca Pastoreo is an incredible organic 200 acre farm based in Dorado, Puerto Rico. We were lucky enough to recently meet Pedro recently, hes quite the character! Currently the farm has sheep, chickens, and a number of types of produce being grown and cultivated. They are also in the process of building a farmers market which will be open daily. You can follow them on Facebook for updates and volunteer opportunities.

chicken farm in dorado

Sunflower Field Creation & Tours

Starting today we are building out the irrigation system and then we will be planting over an acre of gorgeous sunflower fields on the farm. We will also be planting sugarcane, blue java bananas (they taste like ice cream!) lavender, and other wildflowers that are excellent to support the local bee population. We will be doing tours of the fields and bee sanctuary as well as honey tasting by donation.

sunflower farm karma honey project

Permaculture Farming

The movement back to smaller organic permaculture farms is an incredibly important one that we are fully in support of. As we continue on our mission to build bee hives around the island, we are also looking for ways to create more bee friendly ecosystems and increase the production of local sustainable agriculture. The introduction of bees often results in an increase of 30 percent or more production in flora and fauna. This is another exciting project for us that we are incredibly proud to be a part of.