El Yunque Bee Education Center and Farmers Market Proposal

el yunque project proposal

Situated in beautiful Colinas del Yunque,our attraction is being built to offer anumber of educational services. Our primary mission is to build environmental stewardship by teaching local residents and visiting tourists about the importance of the lives of bees, the dire consequences of bee population collapse, and how we can act as stewards for bees and their natural environment.Our island is home to a special type of bee,it is considered by Puerto Rican scientists to be possibly the holy grail of the bee species. One that is so special that it might repopulate the entire world one day to help the dying bee population, which helps to feed humans worldwide.


We are building a beautiful pollinator garden which will flower all year long and be a wonderful sight to see. Children will have a fun maze built out of living banana and plantano trees to explore. The space will serve as a peaceful reserve for all to enjoy.We plan to sell honey from the stand as well as have information on the importance of bees.Local artists will paint murals dedicated to the spirit of Puerto Rico to ensure the structures are positive monuments within the neighborhood.

On the weekends we will host a Farmers Market, where locals can offer their produce for sale, or bring their families to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables from farmers in El Yunque. This year we look forward to hosting work shops, spinning delicious honey, adding a kid’s program, continuing our research, and educating and inspiring beekeepers and farmers from all over the island, and beyond.


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