El Yunque Children's Bee Education Center

bee classroom

Building anything can be challenging but one of our biggest and most important projects has been the creation of education classrooms for Children. During the Coronavirus epidemic we were able to apply for special permissions under the agriculture clause in Puerto Rico to continue our work, and we have not only finished our first classroom but are building our second and third ones now.

moving classroom bees

Progress and Planning

As we progress through these difficult times it is our belief that innovation and an attention to safety will be paramount in overcoming the challenges that we as a society are facing. Our next challenges will be setting up an environment that can be decontaminated and safe to use for the kids. This is something that is in the works, we are extremely lucky to have some very knowledgeable and talented volunteers who are walking us through the steps to create this type of environment.

We have created the curriculum and are currently working on filming content that will be used to help to educate children on the importance of bees as a pollinator. Without this very special pollinator we would lose up to seventy percent of the foods that we eat. The fact that Puerto Rico is home to possibly the holy grail of all bees is something we are ever conscious of.

 moving kids bee classroom karma honey project

Tourism and Funding

We are planning to fund the children's classrooms primarily via tourism. For a small fee visitors will be able to watch a short movie and do a honey tasting with a beekeeper. We have a strong belief that everything that we build should be self sustaining, hence the use of solar power and rain water collection for the education centers.

As the Karma Honey Project nears its second year of existence we are proud of the accomplishments we have made and absolutely none of it would be without the support of our volunteers and donors from around the world.

If you believe in the education of children please take a moment to consider supporting what we are building.