Florida Department of Agriculture Visit - Research Study with University of Miami

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One of the major issues we are focused on tackling is the hardiness of the gAHB. Is this bee the "Holy grail of beekeeping" as some scientists have claimed?

We spent the last week with specialists from the Florida department of agriculture collecting bee samples and swabs of hives all across the island of Puerto Rico. And wow did it turn into a real challenge, mid week Puerto Rico was rocked by the largest earthquake it has had in over 100 years. A monster 6.4 shockwave that shut down the island and knocked the power completely out.

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When you get stung daily who needs gloves?

Without power life gets difficult quickly, but that did not stop us. We loaded up the volunteers and started making our rounds of the local farms and places we have our hives located. Often bringing supplies such as water, food, tents and things you often take for granted but become a matter of life and death without power.

Florida Department of Agriculture Visit - Study with University of Miami

It was an incredible experience to see the community come together, and visiting people we have been working with closely for over the last year.

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In some cases we were dealing with rock slides, bridges knocked out. and often without cell phone service.

At the time of this writing only 30 percent of the island has the power running, it will definitely be another challenging time for Puerto Rico as the recovery progresses. Our goal is to work hand in hand with the community creating jobs, increase in agricultural production, and education.

The sample bees and swabs will be sent back to labs at the University of Florida where we hope to gain a better understanding of this incredibly special gAHB bee.

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