Karma Honey Project - Guaynabo Rescue

karma honey project

Today was quite a day, we got a call from an elderly lady who very sadly was dying from cancer. The problem was she had a colony of aggressive bees living in her back yard and this made it impossible for her family to come over and spend time outside.

We dived right in and found the colony in a bush. This was one of the easier rescues we have done.

Thankfully no walls needed to be knocked down, or machines other than a step ladder and our regular bee tools were needed.

natasha beekeeper karma honey project

Natasha showing off the beehive, can you tell where the queen is?

finding the queen bee

Still looking for the Queen? You can always tell where she is because the bees will swarm around her. Also she is larger, not to be confused with the drone bees, who are also larger sized bees. Once we find her we put something called a queen gate into the beehive, this allows the smaller workers to enter and exit but not her.

karma honey project truck

After a long day of work its off to get some food and Medalla beer!

We will be back within 3-7 days to picking the colony to bring to a local farm. This is because within this time she will have laid eggs within the cells of the honeycomb. And she is much less likely to want to abscond into the wilderness at this point.