Karma Honey Project - Naguake Community School

The Naguake community school is one of our latest projects. This school is fundamental in the preservation of the Taino culture in Puerto Rico. Doctor Karlalynne Menendez is the main driving force behind it. We were fortunate to meet her recently, and got to spend a day with the kids.

We are excited to be sponsoring a field trip for the school to visit El Yunque National Forest and our project at Cueva Maria de la Cruz.

Nestled in the ridiculously beautiful mountains of Comerio it is a sight to behold.

The views from the surrounding mountains were spectacular. We are currently awaiting a proposal to do a joint venture bee farm in this area that will benefit the school and help the local community.

Look for more updates on this school field trip soon!

To learn more about what they are doing, how you can get involved as well as donate to the cause please check out their Facebook page here.

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