Karma Honey Project - PITUSA Commercial Bee Rescue

This rescue was definitely something new for us. We got a call about some problematic bees at the PITUSA warehouse in Carolina.

So we loaded up and headed out to check things out.

commercial bee rescue

The first issue we ran into was the enormous size of this place. It was football fields and football fields large. And the issue was that there was multiple bee colonies that were coming out of seemingly nowhere.

finding bee colony in warehouse

After about an hour of searching and heading up and down to multiple roofs we were able to find the entrance, what a sneaky place bees!

bee hiding

So after we had identified the main entrance we then had to map it back to the problem areas.

bee colonies in commercial areas

It was a trek! Just getting from one point to another took about 10 minutes of climbing ladders and finding different doors.

bees climbing down a ladder to extract

Note at this point we had abandoned our bee suits because of the blazing hot weather!

large area of bee colony commercial

Finally! we were able to figure out what pipes they were using to enter into the building and followed them to the hive.

commercial area with bees

Unique way to capture bees! Instead of normally how we would break the wall we tried something a little different.

commercial beehive colony rescue

It worked like a charm. After coming back a few different days we were able to capture all the bees that were going to be destroyed.

Another successful week for the Karma Honey Project team 🐝🐝🐝