Karma Honey Project - Zen Monastary Bee Sanctuary

zen monastary puerto rico

Centro Zen Monastery in Puerto Rico is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places we have visited so far. Located a short 30 minute drive from old San Juan, this mystic jungle placed retreat is at the highest point of all of San Juan.

We are in the process of building a bee sanctuary here, this will be an incredible place not only to visit but the bees will explode the production of local flowers and fruits.

zen temple santuary for bees

A gorgeous yet simple and humble temple sit atop of the mountain with views that overlook all of San Juan.

All around the temple there are lush gardens, vegetables and fruit trees spread over 15 acres of land.


The Bee sanctuary we are building here will feature 20 beehives. As it is currently the time of year that bees typically hibernate we will be building the hives slowly over the next two to three months so that the queens do not abscond from the hives.

Mindfulness Retreats and Educational Workshops

Centro Zen is a space for many communities, educational workshops and mindfulness retreats. What started as the largest Buddhist community on the island, has now expanded to a broader audience; reaching all generations and like minded people. Those, interested in maintaining the natural environment, living in harmony with their surroundings, and focusing on what mindfulness may mean to the many.  
building zen garden at centro zen
The Center's  lush jungle-centric property has welcomed its newest community: African Honey Bees! Thanks to the Karma Honey Project's contributions, these hives and the soon to come Bee Sanctuary, will create an educational opportunity for Bee Tours! 
The Center's Bee Sanctuary will be nestled into the highest point in San Juan. This spot will serve as a meeting point of curious bee observers, students and beekeepers. 
bee sanctuary lookout in puerto rico
The Bee Sanctuary will sit on the north facing side of the property, and will have access to all trails and resources bundled into the surrounding acres.
The Sanctuary will feature an observation point a safe distance from the live hives. Surrounding the observation point will be a small Japanese stone pond, with a solar powered water pump, and mosquito fish! This water is ideal for the Honey Bees,  as they will use the water to regulate the Hives temperature in these hotter summer months. Close by the pond, and near the trails that lead into the gardens of the property will be a small Japanese wooden bridge, this will serve as another safe vantage point of bee observation. 

bee sanctuary puerto rico

This incredible place is available for retreats, yoga sessions and features a Saturday and Sunday Zen meditation session. Check back to this post to see more updated pictures and information as we build our Zen Bee sanctuary here.

For more information on visiting Centro Zen or checking out one of their weekend meditation sessions please visit them via their Facebook page.

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