10 Ways to Save the Bees

Honeybees are important to the health of crops and the global food security. They contribute to the productivity of many crops and can provide additional income for farmers. Bees are also known to pollinate various crops. These little insects are important to the food crops we rely on and are in danger of disappearing unless we can support them.

How To Help Save the Bees

1. Plant a Pollinator Garden

One of the biggest threats to bees is a lack of food sources. Creating a bee garden can help them build a home and find other nutritious sources.

2. Stop Using Pesticides

Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers can harm bees, which are sensitive to them.

3. Become a Supporter of the Bees

Share photos and information about bees with your friends. Did you see an interesting post on Instagram about weird bee facts? Share it to your stories to inspire others to help the bees.

4. Protect Pollinator Environments

Trees are great sources of nectar for bees. They provide thousands of blossoms to feed on. Trees are also great habitats for bees. Have you ever seen a swarm of bees hanging from the branch of a tree? It’s definitely a sight to see!

When a tree blooms, it provides nectar to thousands of bees. 

5. Put Out Water for Bees

These bees love to collect nectar and drink from shallow bird baths. They use pebbles and stones to break the water's surface so they don’t drown. Bees get thirsty just like we do, and the more time they spend searching for water, the less time they get to do fun bee things like make honey.

6. Provide Native Bee Houses

Most solitary bees are underground. They live in holes that are usually filled with hollow stems or trees. Creating a nest in your garden is a great way to protect them from predators while they’re building their nests.

7. Sponsor a Beehive

Keep honeybees, nurture native bees, or help gardens and schools around the U.S. grow food and strengthen local environments. Our Sponsor-a-Hive program creates safe havens for precious pollinators in underserved communities by supplying the tools, gear, and education needed to successfully home bees. Donate to our program or apply to receive a home for your group or organization.

8. Teach Children About Bees

We help keep bees and other pollinators in good homes by providing tools, equipment, and education needed to properly care for them. Get kids excited about bees with fun and engaging activities that balance education and play time in one.

9. Create a Save the Bees Fundraiser

Host a fundraiser online on Facebook or Instagram and turn your followers into change-makers.

10. Support Beekeepers

You can show your support for local beekeepers at farmers’ markets by buying their products, which are made from scratch and contain only the finest ingredients. They also make great gifts and home products.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to help save the bees today.