Beekeeping Services


Our standard package includes all required hive equipment delivered to your (or your client’s) site. We supply and install the honey bee colony and provide them with any support they may require to thrive until our next visit.

A guarantee of live, healthy honey bees is included in this full-service package.  This covers both the replacement of your queen, were she to die or become sick, along with the replacement of your entire colony.  In these days of myriad diseases, Colony Collapse Disorder, pesticides, and higher colony mortality rates than in the past, hive deaths do occur.  Should this happen, We will replace your bees as soon as bees are available.

Routine Checks

Our beekeepers will visit on a routine basis.  This is on average once a month, but may vary slightly depending on hive condition, time of year, and other factors.  You will be notified ahead of time, the day in which to expect your beekeeper. 

They take action for swarm prevention, disease management, feedings if necessary, and adding or removing equipment as needed to accommodate the seasonal variance in colony size.  This includes the removal of excess honey frames.

Routine updates will be sent to you (or your client) after each visit, regarding the status of the hive, the strength of the colony, and any disease or issue that we may have found.

Honey Harvesting

Honey harvesting can be done in a few different ways. You have the option of harvesting your own frames, in which case the beekeeper will remove the frames from the hive and leave them in a safe place for you to harvest. If you would rather have us harvest the honey for you, there is a modest bottling fee. We ensure that your honey remains separate from others, and return it to you in labeled jars.


Hive equipment for this standard package is produced in high quality pine, with all natural wax foundation and hand assembled frames.  Hive boxes are sent into the field in a natural wood finish with a spar varnished exterior, it includes a flat roof with a galvanized aluminum casing. We do not use plastic parts or any unnatural materials or chemicals in our equipment. A complete hive set contains all necessary hive items: one bottom board, three 10-frame deep boxes, 30 frames, one inner cover, and one outer cover.  We also provide weighted support on the top of the hive, and cinder blocks to raise the hive off the ground.