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karma honey bottles

* Please contact us directly on a case by case basis we may be able to ship to you.

* Honey is the only food in the entire world that never expires. This makes a great gift 🎁

Also please note, as this is raw organic unheated honey it may crystallize over time. Gently heating it will bring it back to liquid form.

Locations That Sell Bottles

San Juan

La Hacienda San Francisco
#D50 Urb. Caribe Ave, Jose de Diego
San Juan, 00927

La Hacienda Altamira
1905 Ave de Jesús T. Piñero
San Juan 00920

La Hacienda Miramar
726 calle Cuevillas San Juan 00907

1808 calle Loiza, San Juan 00911

Staberne Caffe
1000 The Mall of San Juan Blvd. San Juan 0024
Chocobar Cortes
210 C. de San Francisco San Juan 00901
Kamoli Kafe Boutique
1706 calle Loiza, San Juan 00911
The Market Box
667 PR-25 San Juan 00907
Cafe con C
1765 Calle Loiza, San Juan 00911
Mrs Potts Bistro
601 calle Lodi, San Juan 00924
The Bookmark
1510 Ave Ponce de Leon, San Juan 00909
The Green Room
Calle Bolivia, San Juan 00917
Tras Patio
116 cll Uruguay San Juan 00917
Barra de Quesos
Miramar Plaza 954 PR 25 suite 106 San Juan 00907
Dos Cafes
220 calle del Parque, San Juan 00912
Green Mango
69 Condado Ave, San Juan 00901
Plantas Medicinales
Plaza del Mercado 1348 #5 calle Roberts San Juan 00907
1104 Ave. Magdalena San Juan 00907
La Casa de Robertas
349 Ave Dona Felisa Rincon de San Juan PR 00926
Hazel Bar Miramar
562 C. Cuevillas San Juan 00907


Ave Gonzales Giutisi Guaynabo 00969
Hazel Bar
100 Ave San Patricio Guaynabo 00966
La Bodegas de Mendez
Carretera 20 km 2.4, Marginal Martinez Nadal, Guaynabo, 00969


La Bodega de Mendez
90 Calle León, Ponce, 00730

San Lorenzo

Hacienda Munoz
PR-181, San Lorenzo 00754


Finca Pastoreo
Bo Maguayo, PR- 694 Km 5.5 Dorado 00646

La Hacienda Dorado
Mahi Mahi, Shopping Center PR 693
Dorado PR 00646


Vivo Beach Club
7000 carr 187 RR2 Carolina 00979
PR-190, Carolina, PR 00983, United States


Rio Grande

Rio Grande 200 Coco Beach Blvd, PR 955 Rio Grande 00745

 karma honey bottle

Restaurants & Bars that Use Our Raw Honey


317 C. de la Fortaleza, San Juan, 00901

La Central by Mario Pagan

250 Convention Blvd, San Juan, 00907

La Factoria

148 Calle San Sebastián, San Juan, 00901

Chocobar Cortes

210 C. de San Francisco, San Juan, 00901

Peko Peko

1000 Av. Juan Ponce de León local 3, San Juan, 00907

Hotel El San Juan

6063 Av. Isla Verde, Carolina, 00979

Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve

200 Coco Beach Blvd, Rio Grand,00745

Culinary U

Vida Rica Cullinary & Catering

La Condesa Bakery


karma honey project honey box

* Bulk Honey Purchases are available locally for restaurants, bars and hotels. Please reach out to us directly. And please consider supporting the businesses that support us with your patronage. 🍯


Current and Upcoming Projects and Collaborations

Ocean Lab Honey Beer

Box Labs Honey Beer

Dragonstone Mead

PitoRico Pitorro

Tres Clavos / Ron Pepon Honey Rum

Honey Hot Sauce (Coca Cola Suppliers)

Honey Green Tea (Coca Cola Suppliers)

Cortes Honey Chocolate Bars

Chocobar Honey Bon Bons

Vaca Negra Aged Cheese in Honey

Vaca Negra Honey Yogurt

Samuel Farms Honey Goat Cheese

NexGen Infused CBD Honey

B'Well Infused THC Honey


benefits of raw honey


 * If you are interested in a collaboration please email us directly.