Our Partnership

project save the bees

Project Save The Bees origins began with myself, Elizabeth Munroe, and my Father Frederick, a dedicated beekeeper and lover of the planet. He tended to his beehives with great care and taught me how to manage them from a small age. Fascinating by these furry creatures, I loved visiting him after school and would spend hours at the hive on weekends.

My first love of bees grew and, not surprisingly, I later became an Environmental Scientist, to understand the true impact of human activity on the environment. Witnessing the effects of the continually diminishing bee population has been devastating. Determined to do something about it, Project Save the Bees was born.

With a mission to stop the decreasing bee numbers and see them thrive, we needed to educate the planet, research the problems, and support local beekeepers. We all love sweet honey on our toast, but do we realize the devastating impact the loss of bees would have on the planet? Bees pollinate one-third of all world crops so it's not all about the honey.

Learn more about us at: www.Projectsavethebees.com