The Charles Master Waxed Canvas and Leather Apron

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Crafted from the highest quality canvas and leather components, this exceptional waxed canvas apron is built to withstand the test of time. Its superior durability and capability make it a reliable companion for any task at hand. The meticulous production process involves applying a unique blend of local beeswax, paraffin wax, and linseed oil to protect the canvas and create a beautifully weathered appearance.

Our Sturdy Brothers Charles Master Apron would make a great purchase for gardeners, woodworkers, hobbyists, etc. We encourage anyone and everyone who likes to get their hands dirty to grab one of these.

These aprons are proudly sported by some of the top baristas in the world.  Because of the Sturdy Brothers' involvement with the Specialty Coffee Association of America, they were able to provide aprons to some of the top competitors in the coffee industry:

  1. Lem Butler (US Barista Champion/ Counter Culture Coffee)
  2. Benjamin Put (3 Time Canadian Barista Champion/ Monogram Coffee)
  3. and Todd Goldsworthy (US Brewers Cup Champion/ Klatch Coffee)

Waxed Apron with Leather Straps

  • 12 oz. Nutmeg Waxed Canvas
  • 9 oz. Horween Black Dublin Pockets w/ copper riveted corners
  • 5/8 inch 9 oz. Black leather waist and neck straps
  • Copper Rivets and Brass Button Studs